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INTRODUCTION ~ Society Structure
Seated Left to Right: CheeYC, Vincent Ho, MohSC, Anne Teoh, Teresa, NgKL
Standing Left to Right: YapSM, TanAK, Ivy Wan, Jolly Yong, Fennie Goh, Lily Wong, Michelle Tan, WanHS
Position 职称 Name 姓名
President 主席 Moh Shew Chong
Deputy President 署理主席 Low Kwai Mooi
Vice President 副主席 Vincent Ho Ching Wan
Secretary 秘书 Anne Teoh Ai Gim
Assistant Secretary 副秘书 Tan Ah Kiew
Treasurer 财政 Chee Yew Chai
Assistant Treasurer 副财政 Ivy Wan Peik Mooi
Committee member 委员 Yap Soo Man
Committee member 委员 Michelle Tan Siew Lee
Committee member 委员 Wan Hong Sheng
Committee member 委员 Fennie Goh Mei Ling
Committee member 委员 Lily Wong Lee Lee
Committee member 委员 Jolly Yong Yeak Buam
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